About Us

Bald Design, from its first origins in 2004 to date, has established itself as the leading company in the design and manufacture of ultrasound welding, cutting and sealing equipment in Argentina. Our long history, reliability, support and quality are reflected in the fact of supplying products, machinery and services to more than 80% of the companies that manufacture non-woven bags in the country, as well as 90% of the companies that manufacture disposable medicine material. . 

We constantly receive new challenges based on the requirements that the market presents us. From the heading of Plastic, Food, Biodiesel, Laboratories. Any new development that comes in our way encourages us to fullfil the expectations of our customers, to accompany them and develop suitable products. 

This predisposition to accept new challenges has led us to design 15khz, 20khz equipment, press machines, ultrasound sewing machines, high-production sewing machines, thus achieving the constant search for new methods, new limits, perfectionism, and continuous improvement. 

Our company dates back to 2004, where we began our journey with the development and manufacture of voltage converters with switching technology, reaching today the manufacture of these converters with SMD technology and our own aluminum cases, achieving a first quality presentation and a position in the market. 

This same technology, starting in 2008, was implemented in the development of our first ultrasound welding generator. For this welding system we have had to deepen our knowledge of other disciplines of the hard sciences, such as Physics, Materials Technology, Mechanics, 3D Design, etc., thus achieving, at present, using technology and acquired knowledge. to develop each piece with which our clients wish to weld, simulate and mechanize it with 98% precision in its operation. 

All these years of experience have positioned us as market leaders with growth and expansion projections throughout Latin America.